Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

Let’s be mindful: While we all have an impact on our environment, we can each choose to live in a way that does less harm.

Mary Meyer has been making sustainable choices for years. It’s been a natural way for our family to run a business in Vermont. As a company, Mary Meyer has always chosen to operate in ways that embrace and support our employees and their families whenever we can. Giving back to surrounding communities here in Vermont has been a way of doing business by doing good for those we work with.

Today, we know our footprint goes well beyond our employees and neighbors. The choices we make, from how we design our toys to how we package and ship them, impacts all of us. Our intention is to set a course for a more sustainable future. One that innovates with new materials. One that minimizes waste. One that recycles and maximizes use of recycled materials.

We are proud of what we have done. There is a long way for all of us to go, but with your support, we hope to make recycled and sustainable toys, like our Earthmates line, a growing and permanent part of our business.

Did you know methane gas can be used to create electricity?  Methane, a by-product of cow manure, is the fuel behind Green Mountain Power’s Cow Power.

Much like any other animal on this planet, cows poop. In fact, they poop a lot. GMP Cow Power creates incentives for farmers to take that cow manure and feed it into an anaerobic digester on site at the farm. The digester is built to hold 21 days worth of farm waste at roughly 100°F. Bacteria in the digester convert the waste into various products, one of which is methane gas. The gas produced by the bacteria is then delivered to a modified natural gas engine. The biogas fuels the engine, which in turn spins an electric generator to create electricity. Heat generated from this process is repurposed to keep the digester warm, which offsets fuel purchases on the farm. The energy generated is then fed into the GMP electrical system for distribution to customers.

What about the solid waste left over? The digested manure is processed through a mechanical separator. The odorless solids can be used to replace sawdust or sand as bedding for the animals. Solids not used for bedding may be further processed and sold as fertilizer. (Source)

For the past five years, Mary Meyer has supported Cow Power and its farmers by paying a premium for our electricity. Why? We felt it’s the right thing to do for our farmers, our environment, and our planet.

Vermont is the first state utilizing Cow Power.  Unlike the unpredictability of solar and wind power, cows are able to provide a constant source of electricity to their own farms, and to homes and businesses throughout the state.

Cow Power will never be the answer to all our energy needs, but Mary Meyer believes it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Cleaner energy. Cleaner environment. A more sustainable method of operating for our dairy farmers.

We are doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Cow Power helps Vermont dairy farmers sustain their business. One farm said it cost them $1million to install their farm’s generators that run on methane gas. The farm was able to make-up that cost in just 7 years! Cow Power is making these farms greener too; reducing their phosphorous pollution, keeping our Vermont lakes and rivers cleaner, and ultimately lessening the damage to our ecosystem.

Here’s to keeping the Green Mountain State green!

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