Custom Stuffed Toys

Custom Stuffed ToysA Mary Meyer stuffed toy can be the sales promotion tool that sets you ahead of the pack, keeping your product source or name first and foremost in the minds of consumers and corporate buyers alike. In an era where great customer service and appreciation is perceived as a required product feature, not an optional service, the cared-for customer is the repeat customer. Distributing a premium that will make them smile, and is identifiable with your company, will remind them of the worry-free state of mind that your products or services bring.

Custom Stuffed ToysYou want premiums with real powers of persuasion – high impact items that coordinate with the rest of your collateral material to form cohesive campaigns and achieve your program goals. Whether your goal is product introduction, increased sales, brand recognition, or to draw people to your event or trade show booth, our award-winning design team can design an item specifically for you. We can work from your design drawings, or straight from your logo or concept, to develop a three-dimensional characterization of your logo, mascot, or a product that reflects the spirit of your organization.

start with your idea

Custom Stuffed Toys

Is your corporate mascot a dog? Are you introducing a new character? Whether we currently produce a similar design or not, we will work with you to develop a design with great impact and high quality.

supply us with your design

A customer wanted to develop a stuffed dog to resemble their mascot, which would raise money for their foundation.  We began with concept drawings from photos, and then created the first sample.

new design

In the case of the dog mascot, we translated their concept drawing into a sample toy. The cuddly pup that resulted was approved, was a completely new design which we manufactured for them.

Custom Stuffed Toys

select and modify a product

One of our customers found our Afrique Musical Elephant, but wanted it in blue, with no musical component, and with a custom hangtag.  We provided them a fabric swatch and then a sample, which they approved.


final promotional tool

In the case of the blue elephant, we provided them with blue plush swatches for them to review.  Based on their preferences, we produced a blue version of our Afrique Elephant especially for them with a custom hangtag.  They used it to raise money for cancer research.

Accessorizing & Adding Your Message

Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys has been designing and manufacturing quality stuffed toys since 1933. We will use our expertise to convey your logo or message in many ways, from imprinted t-shirts and ribbons to custom printed hangtags and tiny bibs. Just choose a toy we offer, give us your graphics, and we’ll do the rest.

your ideas

Is your mascot a wolf? Your logo a jackrabbit? Or are you promoting the old-fashioned quality a classic teddy bear expresses? We can help you pick one of our current designs to fit, and then augment it with one of these great ideas

Custom Stuffed Toys


Imprinted ribbons are available in a wide variety of colors and widths and dress up nearly any stuffed animal in our product line. They offer you the flexibility of being able to choose more than one animal, accent each with the same ribbon, and add depth to your promotion in an affordable manner.


Tiny bandanas, imprinted in multiple colors, are a unique and adorable way to customize all but the smallest of our animals.


With the option of two sided printing, custom printed hang tags featuring your logo or promoting your event help the stuffed toy do the talking!

t-shirtsCustom Stuffed ToysCustom Stuffed Toys

T-shirts can be imprinted with your logo Imprinted t-shirts provide high impact and great value. We offer shirts to fit many of our teddy bears and wildlife designs, with quantity discounts and quick turnaround time.

Custom Project Info Form
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Thank you for considering Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys as your private label, ad specialty, or premium stuffed toy manufacturer. Please complete this form and click submit. Our Sales Department will respond quickly to discuss your stuffed toy needs and the wonderful ways we can fill them.

Please read our terms below BEFORE filling out this form

  1. Mary Meyer Corp. reserves the right to refuse projects based upon our capabilities and current workload.
  2. Mary Meyer Corp. is a manufacturer/wholesaler. As such, we can only work with established businesses that have resale certificates. A copy of your resale certificate should be submitted with your prototype fee.
  3. To start, we require submittal of a $1200 prototype fee – it is credited in full to your order when we go into production, so the 50% deposit you then submit is reduced by $1200.
  4. Prototypes take 6 – 8 weeks to produce.
  5. The minimum order quantity for a custom item is 1800 pieces (2400 for bean bags, 4800 for small items).
  6. Mary Meyer Corp. will produce one prototype, and if this is not correct based on the original concept submitted to us by the customer, we will produce a second one incorporating necessary corrections.
  7. Payment terms are 50% with your purchase order, with the balance paid in full before shipping.
  8. Production turnaround for custom pieces is estimated to be 180-240 days from prototype finalization and receipt of 50% deposit.

    *not valid on wholesale orders