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Dear Valued Mary Meyer Customer,

Thank you for your business and for your ongoing support of the Mary Meyer brand.

Several years ago, we initiated a MAP policy to address disparities in the advertised retail pricing for our products. Because of our continued emphasis on quality over price, we’ve had many requests (from both brick and mortar and online retailers) to raise our MAP to MSRP.

On October 1, 2018, our MAP price was increased to be identical to our MSRP. Our MSRP is keystone (or double) the wholesale
price less $0.01. For example, the MSRP on a $5.00 wholesale product is $9.99.

All items included in our MAP program are listed on the reverse side of this document with their respective MAP price.

These items are:
– Bestever Baby Mats
– Taggies Signature Collection
– Taggies Baby Mats
– WubbaNub Pacifier Toys
– Leika
– Lulujo (Mary Meyer is the exclusive distributor of these products in the USA)

Mary Meyer operates in compliance with USA laws governing these practices. This policy will be applied unilaterally to all Mary Meyer retailers, including e-commerce, mail order, and catalog companies.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy:
– The MAP for all products listed above will be no lower than current MSRP: For example, LilyLlama WubbaNub ($17.99) and Cotton Muslin Swaddling Blankets ($19.99). MSRP is defined as double the wholesale price minus $0.01 as published in Mary Meyer and Lulujo wholesale catalogs and any official supplements.
– Advertising includes, but is not limited to, newspaper and print, promotional mailers, coupons, direct response, online, e-blasts, web sites, and all other electronic media. The MAP policy does not apply to in-store advertising.
– Prices displayed online are considered “advertised price” and therefore are subject to our MAP policy. On an ecommerce website, all prices including “click for price” and preformatted email responses are understood to be initiated by the seller and are considered advertising under this MAP policy.
– Advertising “the lowest prices” or “we’ll match any competitor’s prices” is not a violation of this MAP policy.
– MAP only applies to advertised prices. Within its walls, or on the phone, a store is free to sell Mary Meyer and Lulujo products at any price they choose.
– MMC reserves the right to modify or suspend this MAP policy with respect to certain Mary Meyer and Lulujo products that we put on a closeout list. If and when this list exists, it will be posted on marymeyer.com and found in the wholesale tab.
– MMC will monitor our dealers for compliance either directly or through third parties.
– In the event that MMC determines a non-compliance with this policy, the offending party will be contacted by MMC. Any additional breach will result in Mary Meyer or Lulujo products no longer being shipped to that account.
– No MMC sales representative has the authority to modify or grant exceptions to this policy. The MAP administrator has the sole responsibility of determining if a breach has occurred and what the consequences will be.
– Advertising Mary Meyer and Lulujo products as part of a discounted package of several items (MMC items or other manufacturers) that has the effect of the Mary Meyer and Lulujo products being advertised below MAP pricing will be in violation of this MAP policy.

We believe this policy enhances and protects the status of the above brands and all the retailers who sell them. It is our goal at MMC to support our retailers, so they can invest confidently in these outstanding products.

Thank you for your understanding in this important matter. We look forward to many seasons of prosperous selling. If you have questions, please contact mapinfo@marymeyer.com.

view original letter PDF and product list

*not valid on wholesale orders