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Dear Mary Meyer Dealer,

As one of our valued dealers, Mary Meyer would like to thank you for your loyalty and continued support of our products. Mary Meyer has recently launched a new ecommerce initiative designed to support our dealers. Sales generated on our new website will be fulfilled by our local retailers. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit our new site at to see the exciting changes that we’ve made.

We are partnering with Kibo to offer our consumers the ability to purchase directly from our website. Those orders will be fulfilled by our local dealers.

Studies have shown that 58% of consumers begin their research on the manufacturer’s website. Our new partnership with Kibo will allow us to immediately capture consumer interest, convert more sales, and drive business to our dealers.

I invite you to grow your sales volume by participating in this exciting opportunity as an authorized Mary Meyer fulfillment partner with Kibo. There is no cost to enroll in the Kibo program and only a small transaction fee is deducted from the proceeds of each sale. Participants in the program are paid twice monthly for orders processed. Your participation will give you the opportunity to turn inventory more quickly, stock smarter, acquire new customers, and gain visibility into local and national sales trends.

To learn more about this service and sign up as a fulfillment partner (PDF), please sign up at After you complete signup and login to your Kibo account, online training will be provided to give you all the tools necessary to be a successful partner.

If you are already enrolled in Kibo, simply login and select or validate that Mary Meyer is checked as a preferred manufacturer and begin watching for our orders.

We hope you will join us in this exciting new opportunity designed to strengthen your business and grow your sales.

Mary Meyer

What is Kibo?  How can it help consumers?

The Kibo network makes shopping more convenient for consumers…and it can help retailers increase their business.

While the internet has made it easier to learn about products you need (by going to a manufacturer’s web site), it hasn’t always made it easier to buy the products online (because some manufacturers, like Mary Meyer, want to support their retailers, not compete with them.) The Kibo network was developed to help.

Once you have located the special products you need at the manufacturer’s web site, you may order from the manufacturer’s Kibo-enabled catalog and get your goodies a few days later. The innovative Kibo network seamlessly connects you with the manufacturer’s retailer and completes the connection from “find” to “buy” to “enjoy”.

The unique way Kibo works is by linking the manufacturer’s web site to an online catalog, where you can see all the products of the manufacturer. After placing you order online, an authorized retailer fills and ships your order. One of the retailer’s responsibilities is to offer great support and after-sale service. Each manufacturer and authorized retailer must meet strict service-quality standards to ensure that you have a satisfying experience every time you buy using the Kibo network.